What is sub ohm vaping?

 "Sub" means below, and sub-ohm vaping is done when an atomizer is used with the coil resistance below 1.0 ohm. Typically, the thicker the wire or coil is, the lower is its resistance because more surface area allows more current to pass through.


 Is Sub-Ohming Safe?

Are guns safe? While you might hate the answer, but it’s yes and no. If you jump into sub-ohm vaping without any prior knowledge and understanding, it definitely can be unsafe. While you don’t need to get a degree in electrical engineering, but basic know-how of ohm’s law, resistance, and some basic electronics can go a long way. If you’re too lazy, you can be on the safe side by using first-rate 18650 batteries, a high-quality sub-ohm tank, and a regulated mod from well-known vendors who take their reputation seriously. 


Who is it For?

Owing to their harm-reduction potential, a lot of people are turning to vaping. However, sub-ohm vaping is not for everyone. If you are a beginner, just stay away from it until you get to know all the ins and outs of adjusting airflow, and using batteries, sub-ohm coils, vape mods and sub tanks. Sub ohming is only for those who know their stuff really well. In addition to certain risks, sub-ohm vaping has some pros and cons, which means that it may or may not be ideal for you depending on your vaping style and expectations.


  • Fun

The biggest charm of sub ohm vaping is definitely the fun part of it. Seeing massive plumes of vapor coming out your mouth and nostrils is definitely a different sensation. Many vapers take sub-ohming to a whole new level by doing vaping tricks like Dragon, Vape Bubble, Cheerios, Ghost Inhale, Tornado and so on. And if you think you’re blessed with extraordinary lung capacity, you can even go to local competitions and win vaping gear or even cash prizes.  

  • Thick Vapor

Sub-ohm vaping can make you the envy of your friends who vape normally. Compared to a normal vapor, the sub-ohm vapor is many times bigger and thicker, and definitely looks way cooler.

  • More Flavor

This is a no-brainer. The hot coil produces a lot more heat, turning a lot more juice into vapor. More vapor going into your lungs means you get a richer flavor and a stronger throat as well as lung hit.

  • Warm Vapor

The heat from the coil can be felt in the vapor as well, and can be a blessing for those who love warm vapor. For an ever warmer vapor, try sub-ohm vaping using a stainless-steel mouthpiece.