E-Liquid Explained

What is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid is what is used to produce the vapour in an E-Cigarette. The liquid is heated by the atomizer to deliver the sensation, taste, and feel of smoking. E-Liquid is the most essential part of the vaping experience and even if you have the best E-Cigarette, unless you use a quality E-Liquid you wont get the best flavor, vapour, Taste and throat hit you deserve.

Our E-Liquids are manufactured using truly natural tobacco ingredients and is the largest supplier of E-Liquid in the world. They use only High quality ingredients such as 98% pure nicotine and American Dows PG/VG to guarantee the best in quality and safety.

What gives E-Liquid it’s flavor?

Natural flavorings from flavor concentrates are usually added to the liquid to give its distinctive flavors. These flavors are usually the same flavoring used to flavor food and candies. The nicotine is manufactured from organic plant sources and this guarantees better taste and is safer to use than synthetic nicotine.

What is e-liquid made of?

E-Liquid is usually made up of mostly a propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) mix. The most common mix of the two is 70/30 in favor of (PG). Some people may be allergic to propylene glycol, so a vegetable glycerin base is better suited to their preference. These e-liquid bases, flavorings, and sometimes a small amount of distilled alcohol or water are added all contribute to the flavor and throat hit of the e-liquid.

About the Nicotine

E-liquid is diluted with PG and/or VG to a safe concentration between 0mg – 24mg per milliliter of liquid. A typical traditional cigarette contains around 18mg of nicotine. The nicotine concentration desired varies among people, but a normal typical range for most smokers is around 18mg. As the concentration of nicotine increases, the throat hit is substantially increased. 0mg e-liquid usually feels more like inhaling warm flavored air, whereas 24mg may be more suitable for experienced or extreme vapers. Every nicotine concentration is unique for each person based on their tolerance level, years they have smoked, and what type of tobacco they have smoked. Typically, it is recommend that new vapers begin with 18mg to determine tolerance for a few weeks, then slowly decrease or increase the strength depending on how they feel. It is recommended that the concentration of the liquid is lowered about 4mg every 3-4 weeks with the goal to ultimately reach 0mg; slowly easing the body off nicotine dependence.

E-Liquid.. is it safe to use?

Most of these components in e-liquid are well known and are used in many food products and household products. Currently you should only use pharmaceutical grade (USP) or food grade PG and VG, which are known to be safe to use. There are a lot of studies going on about the safety of ECIGS and E-Liquid, but a lot of these studies are funded by the pharmaceutical industry who stand to loose billions on NRT products (for an unbiased and informative view please go to the ECCA website – www.eccauk.org). Nicotine is a poison and should only be used and handled by adults over the age of 18. E-liquid should never be handled by anyone underage and should be keep out of the reach of children and pets. If an accident happens than seek medical attention immediately. Always handle E-Liquid with respect and if you get any on your hands wash off with plenty clean running water.

Safe Disposal of E-Liquid

Please check with your local authority to determine the best way to dispose of your E-Liquid bottles so that you adhere to their waste disposal policies.


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